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      The Hydraulic Institute (HI) is pleased to announce the development and implementation of a certification program for Pump Systems Assessment Professionals (PSAP). This program sets the standard for the discipline of pump systems assessment and the use of pump system optimization techniques. Certification will provide a high level of confidence to end-users and other stakeholders that pump system assessors have the experience and expertise to perform high quality assessments which will lead to more energy efficient and reliable pumping systems.

      Why Become Certified?


      • Validates your knowledge against industry best practices and demonstrates expertise in the field.
      • Enhances your career opportunities and provides a competitive advantage in the job market.
      • Demonstrates dedication to continuous learning.
      • Assures your organization and/or clients that you have required knowledge and skills to perform a quality pump system assessment.


      • Provides another level of assurance that the highest quality assessments are being performed.
      • Increases the value of corporate capabilities and services.
      • Provides employees with recognition of their knowledge and experience, and opportunity for advancement.
      • Validates corporate commitment to employee development.
      • Demonstrates employee proficiency through validation of knowledge and experience by a third-party organization.
      • Creates an elevated reputation and credibility among current and potential customers.

      The PSAP Flyer provides a brief overview of the value-proposition and certification process.

      Distinguish yourself as a certified pump systems assessment professional. APPLY TODAY.

      Certificate vs Certification

      Certificates are often awarded by educational institutions or commercial entities for participating in specific training courses. It recognizes completion of a course or several courses at a certain point in time. The course content is developed by the course provider.

      An authentic professional certification is a formal recognition by a recognized and established professional organization that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specified body of knowledge. Certification schemes require that individuals demonstrate these competencies by passing an exam developed by recognized subject-matter experts and experienced practitioners. Exam questions and pass scores are developed using psychometrics. Exams are formally administered under strict rules to ensure integrity.

      While earning a certificate is useful for providing evidence of a course completion, it should not be confused with the rigor and achievement of a professional certification.

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