Spring 2021: Resources: Calculate Pump Savings Quickly and Accurately

    • Replacing an old pump or specifying a new one comes down to cost. While we can’t help you with your budget, the Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Savings Calculator can help you get the most pump for your money by determining life cycle energy and cost savings. It bases those calculations on your specific application and local electricity costs, and best of all, the calculator is free.

      The calculator is designed to show you how much a new, energy-efficient pump will save over its lifetime. Since energy accounts for 40 percent of a typical pump’s total cost of ownership over its use life, those savings can really add up.

      The Pump Savings Calculator identifies savings two different ways—based on a pump’s energy rating in the Hydraulic Institute’s extensive database:

      General savings. First, it calculates general savings based on the pump’s energy rating. It considers the pump’s type, motor size, constant or variable speed, and the Hydraulic Institute energy rating. The calculator also lets you add your application, price of electricity, and some design factors. The calculator then shows the range of pump energy ratings available. Choose one and the calculator will estimate its lifetime savings and payback period.

      Site-specific. Second, the Pump Savings Calculator can dig deeper into the specifics of your application. This starts with electricity cost, application (including hours of operation), estimated pump lifetime, pump type, motor horsepower, constant or variable speed, and design head and flow. Users add the pump’s initial cost, installation cost, and ongoing maintenance expense. The calculator then estimates the pump’s lifecycle energy and maintenance costs and savings. 

      Such savings can be significant. Over a typical pumping system’s lifetime, the initial cost of the pump accounts for only 10 percent of the total cost (installation adds another 7 percent), compared to 65 percent for energy and maintenance.

      The Pump Savings Calculator is free to use. 

      You can learn more in this short video or dive right in with a video tutorial that runs less than eight minutes. You can download the calculator for free at Pump Savings Calculator.

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