Young Engineer of the Year

    • Current Young Engineer of the Year

      Patrick Hogg 2016

      Patrick Hogg of Nidec Motor Corporation

      Patrick has been an active volunteer of the Hydraulic Institute since 2013. He is a member of 10 committees, was an educational webinar instructor in 2015, and holds leadership positions in the following committees:

      The award was presented to Patrick during HI's 2016 Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona. Peter Gaydon, Technical Director, Hydraulic Institute, added, “Patrick has a passion for committee work and in a short amount of time has become an integral member of many committees. Patrick should be commended for his level of commitment and volunteerism to the industry and he truly represents the future of the Hydraulic Institute.”

      In addition to his work at HI, Patrick is presently serving as Product Manager with Nidec Motor Corporation.

      Young Engineer of the Year Award

      Typically given on an annual basis, the Technical Affairs Steering Committee (TASC) awards the “Young Engineer of the Year” designation upon a deserving individual based on established criteria.

      The designation is not always awarded on an annual basis, only when a deserving individual is identified. The Technical Affairs Steering Committee (TASC) seeks recommendations for this award and, based on merit, awards an individual annually.

      • This award was established to recognize the efforts and contributions of young pump engineers from member companies and Standard Partners who have made a significant impact within their current position and have also contributed to the advancement of the work of the Hydraulic Institute
      • The award is limited to engineers under the age of 40 (as of January 1 the year of nomination) and must be nominated by a standards VIP recipient in the 5+ category.
      • Nominees must be employed by a member company or Standards Partner in good-standing.
      • Annually TASC will seek input and suggestions from the members, Standards Partners and HI staff for individuals that meet the following criteria:
        • A nominee should have made a significant accomplishment and/or a major contribution to the industry, in his or her position at a member company/standard partner
        • A nominee should have made a significant accomplishment, either with the creation or contribution to a standard, technical guideline, educational initiative, program or activity of the Institute or participated to advance new concepts or programs important to the industry through providing exceptional voluntary efforts in one or more areas.


      TASC will make a final recommendation and vote for approval for the Young Engineer of the Year award recipient at the Fall Conference.  The award will presented without prior knowledge of the recipient.  The individual will be presented with a plaque at the Annual meeting.  A press release is issued by the Institute, and is often coordinated with the member’s corporate PR department to achieve the greatest publicity for the award.  A webpage on the HI site will be dedicated to announce the winner and will include his or her bio and photo, a company link, and a description of why the candidate was chosen.  The recipient will also be awarded complimentary meeting registration fees for the next 2 consecutive (excluding Market Outlook) HI meetings after the award was presented.


      At the Technical Conference TASC will call for nominations for the award. Individuals deserving of such recognition should be nominated with documentation of accomplishments that qualify that individual.  

      Nominations & recognized individuals are to be kept confidential and not discussed outside of TASC meetings or with non-committee members.  

      Past Young Engineer of the Year Recipients
      2013       Lucian Dobrot
             TACO, Inc.
      2012 Bruce Ticknor, III
      National Pump Company