Standards VIP

    • 2016-2017 ANSI/HI Pump Standards VIP Companies

      A. W Chesterton Company
      MWH Americas, Inc
      Armstrong Fluid Technology
      National Pump Company
      CDM Smith
      Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Inc.
      Baldor Electric Company
      Nidec Motor Corporation
      Clemson Engineering Hydraulics, LLC
      Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Inc.
      Danfoss Drives
      Patterson Pump Company
      EagleBurgmann Mechanical Seals
      Pentair - Berkeley
      Ekwestrel Corp.
      Pentair - Fairbanks Nijhuis
      Engineered Software
      Schneider Electric - Square D
      Flowserve Corporation
      Gorman-Rupp, Mansfield Division
      Smith & Loveless
      Grundfos, USA
      Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc.
      Intelliquip, LLC
      Sundyne, LLC
      ITT - Industrial Process
      TACO Comfort Solutions, Inc.
      John Crane Inc.
      Warren Rupp, Inc.
      Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.
      WEG Electric Corp.
      Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp.
      Xylem, Inc. - Applied Water Systems
      LEWA - Nikkiso America Inc.
      Xylem, Inc. - Water Solutions
      Mechanical Solutions, Inc.

    • Recognizing Individual and Company Participation in Standards, Guideline & Education Development

      Since 1917, creating standards for the pump industry has been the primary focus of the Hydraulic Institute. Hydraulic Institute standards, approved by the American National Standards Institute, are recognized worldwide. HI member companies and standards partners work collaboratively to produce brand-neutral standards, guidelines, and educational courses and material for use by the industry at large. To recognize those who participate in this effort at a high level, the Hydraulic Institute bestows the Standards VIP award on deserving members at both the individual and member-company level. The award is a significant honor that is recognized throughout the pump industry.

      The employing companies of individuals who earn the Standards VIP award may display the Standards VIP logo on their website and in printed material, and may utilize customized press releases created by HI to make customers aware of this recognition. The individuals who receive the award are named in congratulatory recognition letters that are sent to their senior management, and their employers are highlighted on the HI website.

      Eligibility for VIP Recognition

      • Individuals: will be considered to have earned “VIP” eligibility for a particular year if they have been “active” in one or more committees, engaged in one or more "active participation criteria" and employed by an HI Member Company or Standards Partner in good standing.
      • Companies: will be considered a "VIP" company for a particular year if they are an HI Member Company or Standards Partner in good standing and have at least one active employee recognized during that year as a VIP.
      • VIP Logo Use: is for VIP Members and their respective companies only.  You can download the VIP Logo from the VIP logo library and proudly display it on your website, display advertising, product catalogs, press releases and trade shows.

      Recipient Recognition

      Individual Award

      VIP Pins will be awarded the 1st year of earned VIP service and at every 5th year anniversary thereafter. The VIP service pins will reflect number of “Years of VIP Service" as follows:

      • 1-4 years – no stone
      • 5 years – Amethyst
      • 10 years – Sapphire
      • 15 years – Emerald
      • 20 years – Ruby
      • 25+ years – Diamond

      VIP Logo Library

      The VIP logo library is for the use of VIP Members and Standards Partners and their respective companies only. The use of the VIP logo is awarded to eligible candidates on an annual basis.

           Important graphic standard notes:

      • The correct and consistent use of the VIP logo is vital to maintaining the integrity of the HI brand and the VIP Program. The VIP logo must be used as supplied by HI without distortion or alteration. Any re-sizing of the art must be proportional and from the .ai file supplied.
      • A minimum clear space around the logo equal to the height of the red bar under the word "Standards" must be maintained around all sides of the logo.
      • Colors are Pantone 201 (red), Pantone 2935 (dark blue), and Pantone 545 (light blue).  The cmyk equivalent for Pantone 201 is 7/100/100/2.  The cmyk equivalent for Pantone 2935 is 98/65/3/0.  The cmyk equivalent for Pantone 545 is 10/0/2/1.
      • Do not fade in/out, spin or otherwise animate the VIP logo.

      VIP_logo_Corporate For Print: AI file; CMYK
      For Print: AI file; Spot
      For Web:  For Web: PNG file; 146px wide, Transparent Background
      For Web: For Web: PNG file; 218px wide, Transparent Background