HI Board of Directors

    • PURPOSE: 

      • Strategic planning (3-5 year plans); defining organizational priorities, values, and goals.
      • External Issues:  discuss industry and association trends, threats, and opportunities.  Serve as a forum to identify,
        debate, and define direction, forward-thinking to ensure that organizational energy, resources, competencies, and
        creativity are utilized to HI’s maximum advantage.
      • Establishing policies and procedures for the proper operation of the Institute.
      • Executive Director selection, retention, and compensation.


      • Mission, Goals and Key Strategies of Hydraulic Institute
      • Constitution & Bylaws, Corporate Policies and Procedures for HI governance
      • Ensuring adequate financial, staff and volunteer resources to accomplish HI’s mission, goals & key strategies
      • Providing leadership support to key committees to accomplish annual HI goals
      2017 HI Board
      Front Row from left:Michael Cropper, Christy Bermensolo, Michael Michaud, John White, Jr., George Harris, John Kahren, Oakley Roberts, Peter Barry, Ken Napolitano; Back Row from left: Kim Jackson, Mark Johnson, John Donatiello, Brent Ross, Mark Kreinbihl, John Miersma, Delancey Davis, Jeremy Frank, Mark Chaffee; Not pictured: Al Huber, Stan Knecht


           John H. White, Jr., CEO  
            TACO, Inc.

           John Kahren
            SPP Pumps, Inc.

      Class of 2018

           Peter N. Barry, President  
            WEG Electric Corp.

           Mark L. Kreinbihl, Group President  
            Gorman-Rupp, Mansfield Division

           Stan Knecht, Vice President and General Manager, Industrial Products Division
      ITT - Industrial Process

      Class of 2019

           DeLancey Davis, VP, Franklin Electric/President, NA Water Systems  
            Franklin Electric Company, Inc. 

           John Donatiello, Vice President Global End User Sales & Service  
            John Crane Inc. 

           Kim Jackson, President, Industrial Pump Organization 
            Flowserve Corporation

      Class of 2020

           Christy Bermensolo, CEO  
            Engineered Software, Inc.

           Oakley Roberts, VP, Product Management and Global Sales  
            ARO Fluid Products, Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies

           Brent Ross, Director - Core/Hydronics Customer Solutions Group
            Armstrong Fluid Technology

      VICE-PRESIDENTS (Non-voting advisory positions)

      Vice President, Technical Affairs 
      Michael S. Cropper, Director - Technology 
      Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc.

      Vice President, Member Services 
      Mark Johnson, Business Development Manager - AODD Pumps
      Iwaki America Incorporated

      Vice President, Government Affairs
      Mark Chaffee, VP, Governmental Affairs & Sustainability
      TACO, Inc.

      Vice-President, Knowledge and Education
      Jeremy Frank, President/CEO
      KCF Technologies, Inc. 


      George Harris, President and CEO
      Hydro, Inc.

      Albert F. Huber, President
      Patterson Pump Company

      John P. Miersma, President and CEO
      Iwaki America Incorporated

      Ken Napolitano, President
      Xylem Inc. - Applied Water Systems