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  • Diversity - a Point of Difference

    Diversity – a point of difference!  What does the word “diversity” bring to mind for you?  I loved the definition that just simply stated… variety. That is exactly what I look for when I am hiring someone for our team. Someone better than me and that adds unique skills to the team!  I have been writing a lot about recruiting more Women in the Pump

    By Charli Matthews at 7/10/2017 2:12:47 PM Comments (0)

    Looking Forward to HI's Fall Conference

    What an exciting time to be in the Pump Industry!  As the Hydraulic Institute continues to celebrate its 100 years of service, it has made several additions to improve our ability to Connect the Pump Industry.  Take a look at the Fall Meeting highlights as an example:   HI Fall Conference highlights include:Nearly 30 HI technical, education, and

    By Charli Matthews at 6/14/2017 8:01:02 AM Comments (0)

    GenX to Millennials

    I was recently reading a LinkedIn blog "I'm A Gen Xer -- Here's Why You Should Stop Ignoring Me” by Jarrod Walpert. It reminded me of a post I’ve wanted to write for a while now!I was born Feb 2, 1981, so I am officially a millennial (Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 2001) - but I am also so close to all you Gen Xers out

    By Charli Matthews at 6/14/2017 7:55:40 AM Comments (0)

    Empowering Women in the Pump Industry

    This past week I had the pleasure to spend time with so many leading ladies from the pump industry! I found this so refreshing and odd all at the same time.  We were at the Hydraulic Institute’s annual meeting.  For those of you that don’t know, they are the global authority on pumps and pumping systems. I am often asked How did you get here?… what do

    By Charli Matthews at 4/3/2017 2:04:06 PM Comments (0)

    Pumps Powering Possibilities

    I recently wrote a blog post about my dreams of becoming an engineer and my experiences in leading an engineering exercise in my kid’s school. I’ve been passionate about this topic for many years so it’s really exciting for me to be able to write about it.Some of you may remember that a few years ago I interviewed some of my favorite industry experts

    By Charli Matthews at 4/3/2017 1:52:43 PM Comments (0)

    HI's 100th Anniversary

    When I see a 100… All I can think about is Do Your Best! “Make a 100” is what my mom would say to me as a kid growing up, and now I say it to my children today… As we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Hydraulic Institute, I believe it is important to think about how this anniversary actually connects the Pump Systems Community and how we can do

    By Charli Matthews at 4/3/2017 1:48:34 PM Comments (0)